THE WAY IT WAS: Midway man shot by bandit in 1906

1906: H. Eldridge of Midway was shot twice as he failed to comply to an unknown bandit who ordered him to put his hands up. Mr. Eldridge was hit in the shoulder and hip.

1911: The Riverside Nurseries has shipped one order of 50,000 trees to the B.C. horticultural distribution station at Walhachin.

1916: Emil Carlson of Billings sent the Gazette a mayflower plucked there on March 19. This was exceptionally early for these tender blooms and was evidence of the superb climate with which this valley is favoured.

1921: The Carnegie Hero Fund bronze medal was presented to Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Michener in recognition of the heroism of their son, Charlie, who died while attempting to save Dorothy Hunter from drowning.

1931: Three Doukhobor schools located in Outlook, Sand Creek, and North Kettle River were destroyed by fire, presumed to be the work of fanatics.

1936: Hydraulic placer operations on an extensive scale were planned for the summer by Boundary Gold Placers Inc., on Boundary Creek, near Midway.

1941: Two hundred young pheasants were shipped here from Mission City in crates and were liberated throughout the district by the Rod and Gun Club.

1946: City offices were moved from the post office building to the recently purchased former Royal Bank building.

1951: Mrs. Mary Mader, one-time operator of the Winnipeg Hotel, Criterion Hotel and boarding house across the river by the smelter, passed away at her home at the age of 90.

1956: The worst fire in several years destroyed the Moongate Café owned by Mrs. Nakatani, with an estimated $10,000 in damage. It was located next to the OK Bakery building, which was also threatened.

1961: The proposed golf club reached the stage of formation and selected the property on Cascade Flats, for a nine-hole golf course.

1966: Mr. And Mrs. Charles W. Clark, pioneers of Grand Forks, observed their 60th wedding anniversary on March 28.

1971: New government agent and mining recorder for Grand Forks is George Broomfield, who comes from Fort Nelson.

1976: City council last week agreed to a proposal from the Grand Forks Kinsmen Club, that the city hold in trust the more than $13,000 which the club has accumulated in its swimming pool fund.

1981: An official of the B.C. Building Corporation said they have now been authorized to make all preparations for repairing the fire damage at the Grand Forks courthouse and also to restore the historic building.

1986: The cottonwood trees along 19th Street (Shady Lane) in Grand Forks, although a pleasant shady spot in summer, were deemed a safety hazard by city council and were cut down last week.

1991: The Gord Shimizu rink from Greenwood took the A event in the 26th annual Rocker Reynolds bonspiel held at the Grand Forks curling rink.

1996: Math wizard Dustin Lang, a Grade 11 student at GFSS, aced 100 per cent on the provincial exam and received a perfect mark on the scholarship test.

2001: Grand Forks RCMP say drug problems won’t wash over other parts of the city when a 10-block drug-free zone is established near Perley Elementary and the high school this spring.

City council unanimously agreed to foot the bill for 10 aluminum signs outlining the drug-free area: anyone who grows, sells or holds illegal drugs in their possession within this zone will face twice the normal fine and penalty when they appear in court to face charges.

2006: Greenwood resident Geraldine Harcus scored close to $270,000 recently, after matching five out of six numbers (including bonus numbers) on her Lotto 6/49 ticket.

She will fulfill her promise to take her children to Disneyland with some of the winnings – her grandchildren will come along for the trip as well.