THE WAY IT WAS: Freedomite women set fire to house in 1962

Thirteen Freedomite women set fire to J.J. Verigin’s home in protest of the imprisonment of leaders of the Sons of Freedom sect in 1962.


At the meeting of the 20,000 Club, it was decided to have several photographs made of various views to be used in advertising this district at Winnipeg and northwest fairs during the year.


Four Doukhobors were each sentenced by Judge Cochrane to three months imprisonment with hard labour, resulting from burial of the dead without obtaining a permit from the government agent.


The new sawmill recently installed by Allen & Norris was employing nine men and turning out 16,000 feet of lumber daily.


Archer Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis and a student at Toronto University, obtained second-class honours in exams at the conclusion of his second year.


Winnifred Lightfoot was the winner of the local Canadian Bank of Commerce medal for outstanding scholarship.


F.J. Bartholomew, hydroelectric engineer of Vancouver, inspected the new Grand Forks power plant and was of the opinion that it would increase as a revenue producer for years to come.


A new feature of the annual carnival at Christina Lake, under the auspices of the Gyro Club, was to be amateur hour for the display of local talent.


Grand Forks High School has their first graduation exercises at the Rooke auditorium, with Mayor F.J.. Miller presiding.


At the regular meeting of the Grand Forks city schools, the teachers paid tribute to Ray Orser, a valued member of the teaching staff for many years, who was retiring to devote his time to farming.


Total subscriptions of the Oxygen Tent Fund reached $1,100; the surplus from the fund was to be used for improvements in the hospital building.


Della Ann Puddy, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeese Puddy of Greenwood, received the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for the highest standing in a five-year Physical and Occupational Therapy course at McGill University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science.


Thirteen Freedomite women set fire to J.J. Verigin’s home in protest of the imprisonment of leaders of the Sons of Freedom sect. All 13 were arrested and committed to stand trial for arson at the fall assizes.


Peter J. Popoff, Alex F. Verigin and W.E. Docksteader returned to Grand Forks June 3 from at 17-day visit to Germany, Belgium and other European points. Machinery for the city’s proposed particleboard plant was the purpose of the trip.


Martin Fichter of Fichter Construction, who had been erecting the quarter-million-dollar housing complex in the city’s southwest, was fined $10 for failing to obtain a city building permit.


A crowd of more than 200 watched as Mrs. W.R. Dewdney, a pioneer resident of Midway and Kettle Valley district, cut the ribbon to officially open the new Kettle River Museum in Midway.


Grand Forks’ noon-hour siren is under fire. In a report to council, the city’s safety committee reported that a request had been made by the city works crew to discontinue the siren, as members were concerned the noise might damage workers’ hearing.


Ten years after a regional district feasibility study had been completed, there is renewed interest in damming the Granby River and recreating Smelter Lake. The lake, which existed from 1900 to 1948, was constructed by the Granby Mining Corporation to provide electrical power for the smelter.


The revival of live theatre in Grand Forks in the form of the Rivers’ Edge Theatre Company’s production, Blithe Spirit, was a big hit on the weekend.


After receiving authorization to plant 11.5 hectares of hemp, the Granby Hemp Co-op scrambles to find seeds to try to get the crop in the ground before the end of planting season.


Museum staff are excited at the very possibility of moving into a new building, if the city’s plan to purchase the court house and move in there goes ahead.


The Boundary Country Relay for Life held on Perley school grounds last weekend, officially raised more than $46, 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society, according to an event coordinator.