THE WAY IT WAS: City puts out fire with military vehicle in ’46

The new fire truck purchased by the City of Grand Forks was at one time used by the army at Prince Rupert. It was a red Chev truck with a 200-gallon tank, pump, electric siren and red light.

1906 Road foreman E. Spraggett stated that the government road to the Franklin townsite was expected to be completed by the end of the month.

1911 The city solicitor was instructed by the council to draw up a notice regarding sale and carrying of firearms within the municipality.

1916 Grand Forks declared July 4 a holiday so the local citizens could attend the celebrations held at Danville.

1921 Roy McLeod and Herb Henderson have purchased Bailey’s Grocery Store.

1926 George Armson, prominent local citizen, succumbed to a heart attack while chatting with his daughter.

1931 A decision of the provincial government was made to proceed with extensive road work on all major highways including a large scale construction on the Hope-Princeton section.

1936 The rails of the Great Northern line from Molson to Midway were being taken out.

1941 By order-in-council, it was ordered that daylight saving time commence July 7. This has been inaugurated at the request of heads of war work factories.

1946 The new fire truck purchased by the city was at one time used by the army at Prince Rupert. It was a red Chev truck with a 200-gallon tank, pump, electric siren and red light.

1951 Ez Henniger Jr., one-time member of the Olympic track team, won the 440-yard run in the Interior Track and Field Meet at Kelowna.

1956 Some 2,000 attended the Jaycee-Gyro Dominion Day celebration at Christina Lake. Brian Huntley was the high aggregate winner for the boys swimming and diving competitions.

1961 Christina Lake became the 100th dial office in the B.C. Telephone Company system when the area’s 86 phones were converted from the manual service.

1966 The summer will prove an exciting one for 25 members of the Doukhobor faith who plan a 46-day tour of the Soviet Union and Europe.

1971 The City Museum is having an excellent visiting rate this year with over 900 persons attending in June.

1976 Last Thursday, Grand Forks saw one of the most successful ventures put on by the Board of Trade at the local arena – the first Annual Trade Fair. John J. Verigin, honorary chairman of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ since 1960, has been appointed a member of the Order of Canada.

1981 Canada Post goes on strike again. Mills and trucks were idle as IAW and FITA went on strike.

1986 Nurses are set to strike. Many are moving to other provinces to work in areas that provide higher salaries and better working conditions. Gisele’s Folklore Dancers, the USCC Youth Choir, Set Sixteen and Brenda Seminoff’s group performed at Expo’s B.C. Pavilion last week.

1991 Two teachers and 33 students from Konan Women’s Junior College in Nahoya, Japan, arrived in Grand Forks last week for a three-week stay. Ald. Peter Ambrosimoff passed away in Kelowna General Hospital. His condition over the past two weeks had been critical.

1996 About a dozen Sons of Freedom Doukhobors followed Tina Jmaeff into the Grand Forks courtroom as she was led in by a deputy sheriff to face charges of attempted arson.

2001 Police were dispatched to a party near Christina Sands Resort around midnight Saturday where about 200 people, aged 15 to 30, in various states of intoxication, had gathered around a large bonfire.

The Lake’s fire department arrived to extinguish the blaze but was met with a hail of bottles and rocks. More police were called; the party-goers left, only to gather elsewhere. A 16-year-old from Trail and one from Alberta were taken into custody. The damage to one fire department vehicle is estimated at $5,000.

2006 A Christina Lake man was charged with illegally growing marijuana but because the infrared-scanner equipped helicopter used in a raid was said to be below 1,000 feet, it could violate privacy rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The man’s defence counsel asked to stay the charge because of that.

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