Solar cars featured at this year’s Grand Forks Fall Fair

The Grand Forks Fall Fair is only a month away and events include a beer garden, DJ and games.

With the 2011 fall fair approaching, new events are being added to this year’s roster.

Les Braden, president of the Grand Forks Fall Fair Society, said that recent additions include a beer garden and solar car races.

“We’re definitely having a beer garden,” Braden said. “We’re going to have some different types of contests.”

There will be a “putt for prizes,” where Braden said that players line up with three balls each and take turns trying to get their three balls through a hoop on the ground with a putter. The players who make a shot stay in, while the ones who miss are out. The hoop is moved farther away for each shot until there is a winner.

They will have a nail-driving contest for women and solar car races as well. Braden said that while the solar car races were more for kids, since the kids already have their cars, adults are welcome to race.

“Adults can get in on that if they want to go online and buy a solar car,” he said. The cars will be races on a wooden portable track.

There will be a DJ at the beer garden. Bands and acts are welcome to volunteer to play on the stage during the regular event.

Braden is also still hoping that they can get the property near the USCC church to host the event. He said though that it certainly wouldn’t happen this year.

“If we can get that piece of property, then we can set up things on a permanent basis,” he said, because at the moment the fair has to be put up and pulled down every year, which is a lot of work.

The car club will be doing a show and shine at the fair, with cars coming from as far as Vernon.

This year’s event is Sept. 10 to 11 and will take place at the curling rink and Dick Bartlett Park grounds.