Round 2 of Speaker’s Corner at the library

Round 2 of the Speaker's Corner will be held at the Grand Forks and District Public Library on April 14.

The first Speakers’ Corner on March 3 produced spirited discussion from the participants.

As a first try, it went fairly well but the world was not completely reorganized.

We did find out what was wrong and how to put it right – in our most humble opinions.

Some contentious points were made including:

• the lack of suitable medical support for young ladies,

• cyclists seeming to believe it is reasonable to ride absolutely anywhere they wish,

• breaking laws and endangering others,

• 99 per cent of profits from sales of food in the Grand Forks area leaves the Sunshine Valley,

• and the public school teachers.

A second round is planned for 11 a.m. this Saturday, April 14 at the Grand Forks and District Public Library.

Why not join in?

Air your pet peeves, then defend them against those who do not see things your way.

You just know they are wrong – persuade them to see your point of view.

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-submitted by Nigel James