Music in the Park in full swing at Gyro Park

Music in the Park takes place at Gyro Park every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. during the summer.

Laura Jean and Gary Culbert of 'Not Yet' performed last Wednesday

Laura Jean and Gary Culbert of 'Not Yet' performed last Wednesday

Music can be heard from Gyro Park in Grand Forks every Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the summer at Music in the Park.

The idea of Music in the Park was first developed seven years ago by Rosemary Phillips and originally took place at City Park.

“When Rosemary left Grand Forks for a couple of years, I took it on and have carried it on ever since,” said current co-ordinator Bernice Tetreault. “It’s a volunteer venue where people come out to play their music. Some people have never performed in a public venue before and have been able to come out and get their start.”

Tetreault pointed out that when she lived by the coast she had a mentor who told her, “I’m helping you; you help somebody else.”

“So this is where the idea came from that I could help some people realize their dreams in playing in front of the public,” she said.

Music in the Park however, does focus on local bands and local talent, she added.

“It’s not about what type of singer you are, but focuses on giving everybody an opportunity to do whatever they want to do,” Tetreault said. “I can get singers and bands who are on tour now who will perform for the night. It also gives them some gas money to go onto their next venue.”

Throughout the evening, a bucket is passed around during the performances for the crowd to drop in donations, which are given to the artists.

Tetreault pointed out that this event is something the community has really embraced.

“When they’re not on holidays, they’ll come by throughout the summer to listen to the live music,” she said. “We get a pretty good crowd – anywhere from 125 to 175 every Wednesday and nobody has to pay if they don’t want to.”

She encourages everyone to come out and enjoy the music and company.

If anyone is interested in performing, Tetreault can be reached through the B.C. Tourism branch found inside Gallery 2, or you can reach her at 250-442-2891.