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MAY 29 THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: Thumbs up to family that donated books to CBAL's program

A family donated two boxes of books to the community literacy Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy family programs.
This week's edition of Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up: To Monique and her family for donating two boxes of beautiful books to community literacy CBAL family programs.

Thumbs Down: To those young and older people that walk on the wrong side of the road. This is a huge concern (you should always walk facing traffic) to protect yourself and the drivers.

Thumbs Up: For the Drinking Water Week open house at Well No. 3. Attending staff were courteous and well-informed and one is assured that our water supply and management of it is in good hands.

Thumbs Down: To the ones who spray within 50 feet of those trying to grow organic, healthy gardens and crops.

Thumbs Up: To those who respect their neighbours that are spray free.

Thumbs Down: That on the long weekend people were speeding, passing on double lanes, and tail-gating, and big double length trucks passing on solid lines.

Thumbs Up: To Kettle River Vintners. Finally a wine maker in Grand Forks. Thank you Grant.

Thumbs Down: To people that complain about mundane and trivial things.

Thumbs Up: To the fellow that found my camera at Extra Foods. Instead of keeping it, he turned it in to the store. My pictures are so very precious to me.

Thumbs Up: To organizers of the school district track meet at Perley Elementary School.

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