MAY 1 THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: Thumbs down ‘crappy’ dog owners

People shouldn't be letting dogs take care of 'business' on city property without scooping.

This week's edition of the Grand Forks Gazette's Thumbs Up

This week's edition of the Grand Forks Gazette's Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up: To Raj and Baljit from Rilkoff’s and Harsinder and Sukhwant Saini for their contributions to the Habitat for Humanity Boundary’s Taste of India fundraising dinner a few weeks back.

Thumbs Down: To hoarders and people with dead cars in their yards, taking away from the beauty of our city.

Thumbs Up: To those who developed such an incredible Boundary Museum at the Fructova School site, on Reservoir Road. Congratulations!

Thumbs Down: To people that let their dogs do their “business” on city property and don’t clean up after them.

Thumbs Up: To the lady who cleaned up all the litter around the junction of McCallum View and Columbia Drive.

Thumbs Down: To people on the Morrissey Creek forestry road, who shoot shotguns and leave all their spent shells laying on the ground.

Thumbs Up: Longer days.

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