It’s a celestial peace of mind at the lake

Christina Lake residents Rosemary Phillips and Beverly Ferrey will be offering events to discuss the sixth sense.

Have you been experiencing serendipity? Déjà-vu? Knowing?

Thought about someone then the phone rings and they are there? Known just what to do in a pressing situation? Written or drawn something and wondered where it came from?

Christina Lake residents and long-time mediums and healers Rosemary Phillips and Beverly Ferrey are joining forces to present a delightful and fun-filled evening on Wednesday, July 4 from 7 to 9 p.m at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre. ($6) followed by a more in-depth get-together on Saturday, July 7, from 1 to 4 p.m. ($25 pre-registration required).

Both events will be filled with discussion, sharing and the opportunity to experience and develop your own amazing supernatural sixth sense.

Phillips and Ferrey will facilitate and guide participants in meditation, in exercises to experience intuition, mediumship, healing energy and psychometry and in discussion on angel photography, art, music and much more.

For information and to register please call 250-447-9713.