Grand Forks Royal Conservatory of Music Examination Results for 2012

Grand Forks Royal Conservatory of Music examination results for 2012

Congratulations to all participants for the excellent results. The rudiments (theory) exams were written at the Grand Forks Centre #723 which has been active for 27 years. The practical exams were held in Trail, Nelson or Kelowna, as we did not have the required number of students. Participating teachers were Tracey Garvin, Joan Thompson, Barb Peters and Deborah Young. Categories for marks are: First Class Honours with Distinction 90-100, First Class Honours 80-89, Honours 70-79 and Pass 60-69.

Basic Rudiments

First Class Honours with Distinction: Anna Goerzen, Deborah Goerzen and Ben Garrison

Intermediate rudiments

First Class Honours With Distinction: Lynn Mackey, Rebecca Argue, Chantelle Ko

First Class Honours: Kira Gammie

Advance Rudiments

First Class Honours with Distinction: Cecilie Regenberg

Basic Harmony: Pass – Carter Notheisz

Intermediate Harmony: Pass – Nicole del Aguila

ARCT Degree: Counterpoint: Honours: Josh Caron

Piano 1 First Class Honours: Jack Sawyer

Piano 2 First Class Honours: Joshua Hoekstra; Chantelle Howard; Tai-Laun Mark

Piano 4 Honours: Nathan Jourdin

Piano 5 Piano First Class Honours: Anna Goerzen and Honours: Deborah Goerzen

Piano 8 Piano Honours: Sarah Dalziel

Voice 1 First Class Honours: Rowyn Morairity

Voice 3 First Class Honours: Melina Koh

Voice 4 First Class Honours: Kyra Hogan

Voice 6 First Class Honours: Adrian Palek

Voice 7 First Class Honours: Cecelie Regenberg

Voice 10 Honours: Nicole del Aguila; Pass-Carter Notheisz