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Gallery 2 seeking submissions for conceptual Christmas tree

Grand Forks’ Gallery 2 is seeking submissions from artists for conceptual Christmas trees.
Gallery 2 is seeking artists to contribute their ideas for a conceptual Christmas tree for this year's design.

Grand Forks’ Gallery 2 is seeking submissions from artists for conceptual Christmas trees as they gear up to start decorating the building for the upcoming holidays.

Rather than focusing on the traditional pine tree and glittering globes of ornaments, this year’s theme will be edgier and brighter.

Tina Bryan, administrative assistant at the gallery, noted that the theme will be more artsy than previously.

“We do want to involve the public, so we’ve decided to do a call for submissions,” she explained. “We sent out invitations to artists in the area to put together a Christmas tree, but it can’t be your normal Christmas tree. It has to be something unusual, made up of wood, plastic; whatever you can think of, the more unusual, the better.”

The deadline for applying is Oct. 15, but artists have until Nov. 20 to submit their design, which is the week of the annual wine tasting event.

Artists can then decide if they’d like to submit their tree towards the silent auction during the wine tasting event, where donations will go towards the gallery.

They also have the option to take back their creations after the winter season.

“We are asking the public to participate in helping us make this Christmas season the most memorable Christmas to date,” said Bryan. “Gallery 2 will be going all out on the decorating. We’ll be illuminated top to bottom, splashed with vibrant color, and framed with artwork for ‘an artful Christmas.’ It’s going to be a bit risky this year.”

The designed Christmas trees will be displayed through Christmas and into the New Year.

For interested artists in the community, contact the gallery at 250-442-2211.