Four Papalooza Clinics this year in the Boundary

There will be two clinics for alternative pap smears during April and two in October.

Options for Sexual Health (Opt) is pleased to announce that they will be holding four Papalooza Clinics this year in the Boundary. These clinics have been made possible by a grant that Opt has received from the Phoenix Foundation.

The grant will provide one clinic in the spring and one in the fall for both Grand Forks and Midway.

These clinics provide women with another alternative setting in which to have their pap smears done. They are staffed by local nurses that have been trained in female reproductive health and pap smears, which allow women the option of a female practitioner. Papalooza clinics in 2011 saw over 40 women visits and were a great success.

The 2011 Canadian Cancer Statistics state, “an estimated 1,300 new cases of cervical cancer will have been diagnosed in 2011.” We know that cervical cancer is caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the virus is usually transmitted by sexual contact. Over 75 per cent of women will be exposed to HPV, however only a small fraction will develop pre-cancer (cervical dysplasia).

Regular pap testing can pick up pre-cancerous changes that can be treated before becoming cancer.

Women and young men may want to consider vaccination to help prevent HPV and its complications. For more information go to or talk with your physician, public health or Opt nurse.

How do I know if I need a pap test?

– Three years after onset of sexual activity or at 21 years of age (whichever comes first).

– Repeat smear every year for three years and if normal, every two years after that.

– Stop screening after 69 years if three normal pap smears in last 10 years and no other significant history.

– Women who have had a hysterectomy should consult with their regular physician.

Most women when asked why they have regular pap smears reply, “It’s for my children, husband, my family and friends.” Women need to take responsibility for their own health and the Papalooza clinics that are available this year are one way to do that.


Spring Clinics

Saturday, April 14 at the Opt Clinic in Grand Forks

Sunday, April 15 at the Opt Clinic in Midway


Fall Clinics

Saturday, October 13 at the Opt Clinic in Grand Forks

Sunday, October 14 at the Opt Clinic in Midway


Grand Forks appointments call 250-443-1428 and leave message. Midway appointments call 250-449-2887 and leave message.

Opt thanks Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Ooi for donation of clinic space for the Papalooza clinics.