Christmas Hampers unites families for dinner

Angel trees located around town help give gifts to boys and girls

An Angel Tree decorated with ornaments and adorned with angel papers that state the gender and age of a child.

An Angel Tree decorated with ornaments and adorned with angel papers that state the gender and age of a child.

Christmas day is made easier with the help of hampers provided by the Gospel Chapel.

From the Paulson Bridge to Bridesville and as far as Carmi, the hampers are given to members of the community.

Entering its fifth year, the Christmas Hampers program collects food, toys and gifts and provides them to those in need in the community.

“The hampers go out to anyone who applies for them. Anybody in the community that is in need over Christmas is eligible to apply for a hamper,” said Karren Donald, community care officer for the Gospel Chapel.

Hampers include Christmas breakfast and dinner, and extra canned goods and pasta, explained Donald.

“We add extra because we know that it’s hard the few weeks after Christmas.”

Residents are able to sponsor those they feel are in need during Christmas.

“A family can sponsor a family, or a business can sponsor a family,” said Donald. “If anybody needs to apply, you can call (the chapel) and set them up with an application form.”

As well as food, the Gospel Chapel has a program that collects toys for children.

Angel trees are set up in Overwaitea and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, including an angel wall at the Grand Forks Credit Union.

Each angel has a child’s name and age, stating whether it is a boy or girl.

“People can take these angels and bring back an unwrapped gift suitable for the child. If you want to wrap it, that’s wonderful too,” clarified Donald. “We’ll (make sure) the appropriate toy matches with the appropriate child and each child will get a bag.”

Donald mentioned that while the Boundary Community Food Bank is partnering with the Christmas Hampers, the Gospel Church puts the hampers together.

“If food donations go to the Food Bank, that’s for their general shelves. If someone wants to specifically donate to the Christmas Hamper program, they should bring it to the Gospel Chapel.”

People can also drop donations off at Sears as well, noted Donald.

The last big celebration for the Christmas Hampers is the Borscht Supper on Nov. 26 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Gospel Chapel, stated Donald.

Canned foods, toys and gifts can be dropped off at the Gospel Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Dec. 12. After Dec. 12, it will be open every day.

For more information on sponsoring a family or individual, or to sign up for a hamper, contact Donald at 250-443-1295.