‘Brain Coach’ Gary Anaka at Grand Forks Secondary School on Nov. 1

Gary Anaka, a.k.a. the "Brain Coach," will be at Grand Forks Secondary School on Nov. 1.

Gary Anaka

Gary Anaka

Gary Anaka the “Brain Coach” will return to the Boundary early week with presentations in both Grand Forks and Rock Creek.

His November tour will begin on Thursday, Nov. 1 with a presentation at Grand Forks Secondary School (GFSS) called “The Magical Teenage Brain” between 2 and 3 p.m.

“If you want to help teenagers in today’s world, then you need to begin with their brain,” Anaka says, adding that the adolescent “digital” brain – the teenage brain – is undergoing huge changes and is a work in progress.

The same evening there will be a free presentation entitled “Your Magical Brain: How It Learns Best” scheduled for 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the GFSS auditorium. “The natural conditions necessary for learning success are unknown to most parents,” says Anaka. “If you are looking for ways to enhance learning, foster child development, raise achievement, tap your child’s full potential, then find out about the brain’s best kept secrets.”

The evening session is a family event suitable for children ages nine years and up.

Anaka will come to Rock Creek on Friday, Nov. 2 to present a three-hour workshop in the West Boundary Elementary School gym entitled “Brain Wellness: the Secrets of Longevity.”

Intended to help you discover ways to exercise and nourish your brain, grow dendrites and new brain cells, expand brain power and prevent cognitive decline and adopt simple, inexpensive ways to avoid brain aging.

In the afternoon there will be demonstrations of brain integration by Peri Best and Art of Balance.

Anaka was the keynote speaker at the Partners in Parenting Conference in Rock Creek this year.

He was billed as a dynamic speaker and he did not disappoint. With 30 years of classroom experience under his belt he really knows how to keep his audience engaged with his energetic and lively sessions.

Anaka has authored two books Your Magical Brain: How It Learns Best and Brain Wellness: The Secrets for Longevity.

The scope of his work can be found at www.braincoach.ca.

– Pat Kelly, Boundary Creek Times