Jewel Lake Resort (pictured here) lies roughly two kilometres North of Highway 3, between Greenwood and Eholt. Photo: Facebook - Jewel Lake Resort

Jewel Lake Resort (pictured here) lies roughly two kilometres North of Highway 3, between Greenwood and Eholt. Photo: Facebook - Jewel Lake Resort

Blasts from the past: 10 trout caught; airplane causes commotion

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of The Greenwood Ledge, Volume 2, No. 47 – June 21, 1928

District Track Meet – “The District Schools Track Meet held in Midway last Saturday, under the auspices of the Midway Farmers Institute, was most successful and very well attended. Norwegian Creek School carried the honors. Other schools participating in descending points order were: Greenwood, Kettle Valley, Rock Creek, Boundary Falls, Ingram Mountain and Midway.”

Empire Day – “The Annual Memorial Service was held at the Monument, Ingram Bridge on Empire Day, May 24th. The people were led to the Monument by the Boy Scouts with Mr. John Fawns in the lead playing the bagpipes. In the year 1920, a number of the residents of the district agreed to build a Monument in honor of those who had given their lives at the front for freedom and humanity; also that a service should be held every Empire Day for the purpose of keeping their memory green in the hearts of the children and coming generations.”

Brake, Brake! – “All autos in British Columbia must carry certificates that brakes have been tested within 6 months and found to comply with the standard requirements according to an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act, announced last week. Compulsory arm signals by drivers about to turn, stop, etc. are also made compulsory under the new regulations.”

Dah Plane, Dah Plane – “Very early on Saturday morning an airplane passed over Rock Creek. Naturally no small commotion was created when it was known that an airplane was in the close vicinity, as it is a rare sight for the people of the Valley to see. Consequently, there was a hasty scramble to the doors to catch a glimpse. Details of how some of the sightseers were dressed are best left to the imagination of the readers.”

Pasco-Bauer Wedding – “A marriage of local interest was solemnized in Republic, Wash. on May 5th, when Charles Pasco, of Greenwood and Mrs. Katherine Bauer, of Midway, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The happy couple have taken up their residence on the Roy ranch below Boundary Falls, the property they recently purchased.” (ed.- Mrs. Bauer was formerly Katie Graser of Kerr Creek. Katie and Charlie had three sons: Carl [Junior], Daniel and James.)

Great Sport – “On Sunday, Jewel Lake again made itself famous. Local anglers succeeded in landing ten beautiful Kamloops trout. Ten does not sound very large until their weight together came in at over seventy pounds. To catch one of these beauties is an event to be remembered for life.”

Still Working at Phoenix – “Robert Forshaw has bought a G.M.C. 1 and a-half-ton truck which he will haul ore from the Stemwinder mine at Phoenix to the railway at Greenwood. This old mine is looking good and a third car of ore is ready for shipment to Trail.”