Barbecuing to build ramps

Pete Chursinoff would like to invite the Grand Forks community to Gyro Park on Sunday, June 26 for a fundraiser barbecue.

Pete Chursinoff (left)

Pete Chursinoff (left)

Pete Chursinoff would like to invite the Grand Forks community to Gyro Park on Sunday, June 26.

All proceeds will be used to build a wheelchair ramp at the River Valley Community Church.

There will be hamburgers and hotdogs as well as an array of summer salads, side dishes and mouth-watering desserts.

He recently met with Pastor Gabe Warriner for coffee to talk about the idea of a wheelchair ramp and after some chit-chat about vehicles and the regular stuff, he told the pastor, “I want to drive my chair at church.”

Warriner agreed and said he would see what he could do about that.

Several weeks later, Chursinoff was pleased to hear that the church had already taken steps towards starting the wheelchair ramp project and he expressed that he wanted to further help with the project, so the idea of a fundraiser was decided.

The event will take place from 1 to 3 p.m.

Chursinoff is a thoughtful, friendly guy who loves to give to others. He expressed that he also wanted to get better acquainted with his church family.

On a Sunday morning, Warriner invited Chursinoff to the front and share some of his interests.

The congregation learned that Chursinoff has a very active life, which includes regular swimming, skiing at Big White, making key chains and a job delivering newspapers.

Pete presented the pastor with a keychain and asked, “What do you drive?” and then ended it with “Don’t lose your keys.”

Soon after, Chursinoff went to church early and set up a display of 74 handmade keychains at the entrance of the church.

He greeted people as they came in and proudly shared his gifts with those who entered. There was a line up in front of Pete of his fellow church members wanting to visit and collect their new keychain. Pete laughed and said

“I made this for you.”

There will be great food, music and activities for the kids. Many people from Chursinoff’s church family have volunteered to pitch in and help by cooking, providing food and games in support of building the ramp.

This project will not only improve access for Pete but for others who need a ramp to attend church.

Come and enjoy this day with us, hopefully get a chance to meet Pete and help the River Valley Community church build a wheelchair ramp.