BUSINESS BEAT: Mobile blood service available in Grand Forks

Boundary Mobile Lab Services is available in Grand Forks and Christina Lake.

Boundary Mobile Lab Services will be run by Roxanne Bryant

Boundary Mobile Lab Services will be run by Roxanne Bryant

Boundary Mobile Lab Services has been rolling around the streets of Grand Forks and Christina Lake collecting blood and urine samples from patients who are unable to make it to the hospital.

A medical professional, Roxanne Bryant started this business to help those who didn’t have time to get to the hospital or felt more comfortable providing samples from home.

“What I do is a mobile collection for blood and urine that the doctors order for people who are sick and can’t make it to the hospital, or people who work odd hours,” she explained. “I have flexibility to go to residents or people who don’t want to wait in line.”

Bryant is available seven days a week.

Everything is still covered over medical billing and is completed the same way as a patient going to the hospital and once Bryant collects the samples, she will drop them off at the hospital where testing is done.

Bryant noted that services are affordable, at $20 for residents in Grand Forks and $25 for those in Christina Lake.

“I haven’t ventured to Greenwood or Midway because I know that the hospital does have a clinic that goes out there weekly,” she added. “I also do pre-employment drug screen testing for businesses which is important because the hospital doesn’t do that anymore.”

Though she began the business in April, Bryant just recently started advertising her services.

“It’s a service for everyone,” Bryant said. “For a mother with four kids, who may not want to wait an hour and a half at the line-up at the hospital, it may be a nice option. Or for children who don’t like going to the hospital or are scared, they can watch TV at home while getting their blood drawn.”

Bryant did point out that people are still required to have a requisition from their physician.

“They still have to have it done the same way as if they were going to the hospital,” she said. “A requisition is a piece of paper that a doctor will provide that will itemize what needs to be done.”

The requisition includes the doctor’s name and billing code.

For more information, contact Bryant at 250-442-5136.