Jim Holtz

Where few men dare to go

Second Opinion, by Gazette columnist Jim Holtz (Feb. 18)

The Big Game

Second Opinion by Grand Forks Gazette columnist Jim Holtz.

Mid-January is a depressing time of year.

Second Opinion by Gazette columnist Jim Holtz, Jan. 21.

Don’t be disappointed, Louise

Second Opinion: by Grand Forks Gazette columnist Jim Holtz

Second Opinion: An ingenious solution

As usual, the Liberals have come up with an ingenious solution to a labour problem without compromising their principles.

Second Opinion: It’s a myth that families can survive on one income

The arrival of government-supported daycare should finally be apparent today to all but the most conservative ideologue.

Second Opinion: Global warming a ‘threat’ to hockey advantage

One wonders why other sports don’t adopt the NHL’s concern over environmental issues, says Jim Holtz.

Second Opinion: Explaining this is just a nuisance

Columnist Jim Holtz talks about the new anti-spam legislation.

Local reaction to new anti-spam law mixed

New anti-spam legislation came in on July 1 but what effect will it really have?

Holtz – Some of the lustre of driving now gone

Regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz talks driving from the June 18, 2014 paper.

Holtz – The more embarrassing, the harsher the punishment

Regular column from Jim Holtz from the June 4, 2014 Grand Forks Gazette.

Holtz – Sterling refuses to give; Curtis didn’t either

Gazette regular columnist Jim Holtz talks about disgraced Clipper owner Donald Sterling.

Holtz – Even Justin and Rob have mothers who have hope

Regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz looks at Mother's Day from the May 14, 2014 Gazette.

Liberal ministers certainly well trained – Holtz

Column from Jim Holtz for the May 7, 2014 Grand Forks Gazette newspaper.

Holtz – But which schools put out the best farmers?

Column from regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz about the Fraser Institute and farmers.

Fraser Institute ranks schools

The Fraser Institute has issued its Report Card on B.C.’s Secondary Schools 2014.

Don’t skew balance through language manipulation – Holtz

Column from April 2 Gazette from regular columnist Jim Holtz.

Holtz column – Putin up with Russia

Regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz talks about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jim Holtz column – A little bit about bitcoins

Regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz talks about the trend of electronic currency called bitcoins.

Holtz colum: Exodus from California

Latest column for regular Gazette columnist Jim Holtz.