Jane Bradley

ART PALETTE: Art Palette grand finale

The Art Palette column wraps up after a year in the Grand Forks Gazette.

ART PALETTE: Dealing with dissociation

In previous columns, we looked at denial and distraction as ways to avoid our creativity. The third coping mechanism is dissociation.

ART PALETTE: Unleashing artistic talent

Art Palette talks about the art of denial and understanding

ART PALETTE: Healing creativity

The Art Palette’s agenda has been to highlight the work of local artists and support creativity in whatever form it takes.

The art of stained glass

"I came to love this ancient art form and began producing my own designs."

ART PALETTE: Art in the autumn

It’s almost fall and the Art Palette is back after a summer break. Today’s painting, Autumn Theme, is our first landscape and celebrates early autumn.

ART PALETTE: New place for artists to be heard

Most children draw, on paper, on tablecloths, on walls and through depiction,…