Henry Klassen

A VIEW FROM THE PULPIT JULY 31: A sure hope or I sure hope so

When facing death, it is not usually trivial concerns that weigh heavily on a person’s mind.

FEB. 27 VIEW FROM THE PULPIT: A view from the bedside

This column is “View from the Pulpit,” however there are times when we as pastors get a very different view.

June 16 WEEKENDER: View from the Pulpit – A few good fathers wanted

Sunday is Father's Day and there is no extraordinary insight required. Children need a father! Period!

FROM THE PULPIT: Why pray when you can worry?

What is prayer? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers? It seems to me people tend to place more faith in their ability than in God’s ability.

VIEW FROM THE PULPIT: Keep your hoops and swords at home

One Christmas memory I have is of my father listening to Handel’s Messiah at least once during the Christmas season.

VIEW FROM THE PULPIT: A letter to dads: you’re very important

If I had the opportunity to sit down with you over a cup of coffee, Dad, there are several things that I would love to tell you.