OUR VIEW: Visit might provide IH with perspective

Interior Health (IH) needs to be made aware of the concerns of the residents of Grand Forks.

OUR VIEW: Courts in need of more resources

Michael Edward Ellis is alleged to have used a stolen truck like a battering ram when he drove it at an RCMP vehicle in Rock Creek back in March of 2009 – he had been pulled over for a road stop near Midway.

OUR VIEW: Aiding in literacy

As the Grand Forks Gazette hits the streets today (Oct. 5), members of the Grand Forks Border Bruins, Grand Forks city council, various community literacy organizations and Gazette staff will be at various locations across the city hawking this week’s issue.

OUR VIEW: Keep food as nature intended

The same stance that baseball takes to steroids is the same stance that should be taken with genetically modified food – there should be zero tolerance.

OUR VIEW: Knowledge is king during election time

Voting is an opportunity to exercise your democratic right and let your voice be heard but as the old quote goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

OUR VIEW: Shaw has to repair customer service

Shaw Cable recently made a digital network upgrade which involved switching from analog service to digital.

OUR VIEW: Both teachers and province need to bargain

As the school year started Tuesday, word came down that the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) had issued strike notice.

OUR VIEW: HST rejection only a small victory

The tribe has spoken and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) was voted off the island of B.C. taxation with the unpopular tax being defeated by 54.73 per cent of eligible voters.

OUR VIEW: $10K earned, $10K saved

The City of Grand Forks’ old website was a little stagnant and had very little visual appeal and the new site, which launched last week, is light years ahead.

OUR VIEW: Invest in green building or pay later

The phrase “invest now or pay later” has been used in a number of situations and not just in terms of finances. Another use can come in the form of energy efficiency and homes.

OUR VIEW: Pass along any info on Owen Rooney

It is fast-approaching one year since Australian man Owen Kiernan Rooney was last seen in Grand Forks.

OUR VIEW: Make your HST voice heard

The drama involving the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is about to come to an end. Come this Friday (Aug. 5) at 4:30 p.m. HST referendum ballots will no longer be accepted and we will soon find out if the current system will remain or if we will go back to the old provincial sales and goods and services tax model.

OUR VIEW: Christina Lake shouldn’t be forced to buy engine

The problem for the fire department is that the current vehicle is about 20-years old and no longer recognized by the insurance underwriters and thus, the new vehicle has to be purchased.

OUR VIEW: Looking for rate hikes? Ask CEOs for a hand

With talk of rate increases for ICBC and B.C. Ferries, maybe executives should contribute.

OUR VIEW: Treat CETA like you would the HST

Much of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations between Canada and the European Union have gone on in secret and could threaten procurement for municipalities. Citizens should raise their voices against CETA.

OUR VIEW: Renewed call for transit system

The City of Grand Forks is pushing towards completion of its Sustainable Community Plan (SCP). Its aim is to provide the city with a plan to ensure a viable and healthy future that not only addresses future needs but present ones as well.