OUR VIEW: 2016 too late for MP pension reform

People will always complain about government budgets but the lack of MP pension reform in Jim Flaherty's 2012 budget is worth criticizing.

OUR VIEW: RIP collective bargaining

With back-to-work legislation for Canada Post, Air Canada and B.C. teachers, collective bargaining could be going the way of the dinosaur.

OUR VIEW: People need to step up and help fire victims

While there were no casualties or injuries from the Grand Forks Hotel fire, residents need a helping hand.

OUR VIEW: Better if city water chlorinated

The City of Grand Forks chlorinates its water and that is a good thing.

OUR VIEW: Suicide not an option for bullying victims

If you're being bullied for being "weak," committing suicide only proves the bullies right.

OUR VIEW: Shopping local has a trickle-down effect

It's Chamber of Commerce week in B.C. and there are many reasons to shop locally in Grand Forks.

OUR VIEW: Cell tower in Greenwood would be beneficial

Rogers Communications Inc. wants to build a cellular phone tower in Greenwood and it will be good for the area.

OUR VIEW: MPs should shoulder the burden

Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggestion that OAS eligibility age increase to 67 has many angry.

OUR VIEW: New Denver survivors need closure

Sons of Freedom children removed from homes and placed in the New Denver Residential School looking for closure.

OUR VIEW: Sooner better than later for IHA meeting

It would be best if a meeting with IHA CEO Dr. Robert Halpenny and Board Chair Norman Embree take place before May.

OUR VIEW: SD51 doing right thing by addressing sexual orientation

Currently, School District 51 doesn't have a policy specific to the treatment of the LGBT community but it is working on it and that's good.

OUR VIEW: Don’t seek closure, at least for the border

An interesting piece of news that affects the area has come out of recent negotiations between Canada and the U.S. border security.

OUR VIEW: A picture can be worth many words

Parents' concerns about having their children photographed are understandable but people in public places are usually fair game.

OUR VIEW: Being responsible behind the wheel not limited to drinking and driving

With all the holiday festivities people should not only be responsible with drinking and driving.

OUR VIEW: Giving a little better than not giving at all

There are some that complain about the generosity that people display during the holiday season.

OUR VIEW: Time for council to stand and deliver

The poll stations have closed, ballots have been tallied and the field has been whittled down to successful candidates.

OUR VIEW: Saying yes to infrastructure

Tax increases to aid in funding emergency water supply and infrastructure repairs will be worth it in the long run.

OUR VIEW: Remember soldiers both past and present

The number of people wearing poppies has increased in the past few weeks, meaning Remembrance Day is near, this Friday to be exact.

OUR VIEW: Give the people a chance to speak

Trying to shoe horn school board trustees and other candidates into one meeting may hinder people seeking to be informed voters.

OUR VIEW: Thinking about the children

The issue of unlicensed daycare is a polarizing topic in Grand Forks.