OUR VIEW: Pave now or pay later

A suggestion was made to the City of Grand Forks to seal cracks on roads in decent condition – that would be a bandage solution only.

OUR VIEW: Same school holidays, less summer break

Some students might find it harder to get back into the swing of things with the start of school. Might shorter summer holidays help?

OUR VIEW: More enthusiasm for 2012 Grand Forks International baseball tournament needed

The 2012 Grand Forks International baseball tournament is here and there isn't even a banner on Central Ave. saying it's tourney time.

OUR VIEW: Internet voting not something to be rushed

The B.C. provincial election is scheduled for 2013 but that might not be the best time to introduce online voting.

OUR VIEW: People not heeding warnings to watch campfires

It was shocking to hear that there were 34 abandoned campfires over the B.C. Day long weekend.

OUR VIEW: Grand Forks needs to tighten up lawn watering regulations

The City of Grand Forks is telling residents to follow a watering bylaw but it might help if it tightens the rules a bit.

OUR VIEW: Knowing the risks partaking in events like tubing

After the July 20 wind storm-related death at Pines Bible Camp, three people were in a tubing accident at Cascade Falls.

OUR VIEW: Bravo FortisBC

While FortisBC has been criticized in the past, it stepped up when it came to restoring power after the recent wind storm in Grand Forks.

OUR VIEW: Summer not a time to relax safety

People should apply the principles of "road sense" to the water as well and not just in the winter.

OUR VIEW: What about the children?

Though a deal has been struck between the province and B.C. Teachers' Federation, teacher's remain unhappy.

OUR VIEW: More pesticide, used oil collection needed

A pick up of unused pesticides in the fall is good but there should be more.

OUR VIEW: Watershed management good

With the Kettle River constantly on the endangered rivers' list, it's good that there is a watershed plan is in the works.

OUR VIEW: Reduction of waste a benefit to the community

Food scrape recycling program will be a benefit for Grand Forks.

OUR VIEW: More dialogue with IHA executives needed

Grand Forks residents had a chance to voice concerns about health care to IHA execs at a recent meeting but there needs to be more of this.

OUR VIEW: Fuel management plan worth it

City council has tentatively approved a plan to trim and prune trees, along with removing dead pine needles.

OUR VIEW: Keep cool during IHA meeting in Grand Forks on May 23

OK Grand Forks, you don't like the state of health care and you have a lot of grievances but be civil at the meeting with IHA execs.

OUR VIEW: Fraser Institute School Report Cards get an F

Rankings and lists, like the Fraser Institute's report cards for schools, are usually objective, yet people treat them as gospel.

OUR VIEW: Give the youth their due

While YouTube and a Google search will likely produce stories about youth going wild, let's not typecast all of them.

OUR VIEW: Shopping local more important than ever

With the tax exemption limits for cross-border shoppers set to rise in June, the shop local drum must be banged again.

OUR VIEW: Liberals continue to hamper BCTF

While the B.C. Liberals haven’t ever said they want to break the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), their actions seem to suggest they do.