OUR VIEW FEB. 6: West Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District needs more information

The regional hospital district should seek more input before deciding on whether to raise taxes for a hopsital reserve fund.

OUR VIEW JAN. 30: People in Grand Forks, lock your cars

Grand Forks might be a smaller city with a lower population than say Vancouver but don't assume there aren't car thieves.

OUR VIEW JAN. 23: Don’t feed deer, whether in Ucluelet or Grand Forks

The deer feeding situation in Ucluelet is another example of why deer shouldn't be fed.

OUR VIEW JAN. 16: FSA results wrong for the Fraser Institute

Given its mission statement and vision, the Fraser Institute is the wrong entity to be doing school rankings based on FSA results.

OUR VIEW JAN. 9: Grand Forks’ finest not like rest of province

There was no regional breakdown of opinions of the RCMP in a recent poll but based on evidence, Grand Forks' detachment is doing fine.

OUR VIEW JAN. 2: Continue Christmas generosity all year

It's easy to give during the Christmas season but what about after the decorations are down?

OUR VIEW: Share the wealth with drug education in SD51

“Young minds are impressionable” is a phrase used often and it is true.

OUR VIEW: Good to consider sexual orientation

While bullying hasn’t been as prevalent in news headlines as it was about a month ago, that doesn’t mean the issue has disappeared.

DEC. 12 OUR VIEW: ‘Tis the season to drink sensibly

Wine, beer or spirits are a great complement to a get-together, so is the general rule of thumb when consuming alcohol, moderation is best.

OUR VIEW DEC. 5: Spread word about sickness earlier

It was not initially known if a bug at Boundary Hospital was norovirus but a warning to wash hands would've been good.

OUR VIEW Nov. 28: Shopping local good for all

This is certainly not the first time you are going to read a shop local editorial in this newspaper and it won’t be the last.

OUR VIEW: Downtown businesses must work like a team

The new downtown business association must work together to get Grand Forks to thrive.

OUR VIEW: Don’t make exceptions for garbage collection

Judging by comments from residents, an earlier announcement by the City of Grand Forks to increase garbage rates is not popular.

OUR VIEW: Feds shouldn’t pay soldiers lip service

While federal politicians will be at Remembrance Day ceremonies and may speak, the words might seem a bit empty.

OUR VIEW: Nothing wrong with ‘quake preparedness

It wasn't that long ago that Grand Forks felt an earthquake and with what transpired on the coast, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

OUR VIEW: Not everyone in Grand Forks uses email

While the world is seeming using to technology to communicate, not everyone uses email, text messaging and online payment services.

OUR VIEW: Shop local requires team effort

With October being Small Business Month and the business awards next week, small business is front and centre.

OUR VIEW: Reading, writing won’t go out of style

Facebook and Twitter have allowed for a bastardized version of grammar but succinct writing will always be important.

OUR VIEW: Breastfeeding in public is not a sin

No one is advocating nudity but there are those who need to shed the Puritan mindset that breastfeeding in public is an egregious sin.

OUR VIEW: Youth sport good in short and long term

Help support local sport in Grand Forks on Wednesday, Sept. 26 by wearing a jersey.