OUR VIEW JUNE 26: Maintenance of air quality must continue.

Gathering information on air quality is easy, making meaningful policy is the difficult part.

OUR VIEW JUNE 19: Act civilly at Multi-Agency Accommodation Project session on June 27 in Grand Forks

The Multi-Agency Accommodation Project (MAAP) is a polarizing topic in Grand Forks but keep level-headed at a meeting on June 27.

OUR VIEW JUNE 12: Co-operation good for rural fire departments

It's good when people work as a team and this is being demonstrated with a deal between the fire departments in Grand Forks and Midway.

OUR VIEW JUNE 5: No need to spit or threaten control officers

Boundary Animal Control officers Richard Smith and John Jansezian always seemed to be in a no-win situation.

OUR VIEW MAY 29: Give Whispers of Hope, BETHS and Habitat for Humanity Boundary project a chance

It's understandable for people to be apprehensive regarding the MAPP project set for Riverside Drive but don't jump to conclusions.

OUR VIEW MAY 22: Cyclists and motorcyclists should wear a helmet

It's the law and it's logical, but not everyone who cycles wears a helmet and they should.

OUR VIEW MAY 15: Teaming of BETHS, Habitat for Humanity Boundary and Whispers of Hope a good thing

Grand Forks has a number of charitable organizations and in a brilliant move, three like-minded groups will be sharing the same roof.

Karl Lilgert found guilty in Queen of the North trial

The navigating officer has been convicted of criminal negligence in the 2006 sinking that cause two deaths.

OUR VIEW MAY 8: Don’t put off 2013 B.C. election voting ’til last minute; use advance polls

Avoid the throng of covers and the long lines, take advantage of advance polling in the 2013 B.C. election.

OUR VIEW MAY 1: Better candidate screening required

If the BC Conservatives didn't like some of former candidates Mischa Popoff's views, they should've cut him loose before.

OUR VIEW APRIL 24: Unsung heroes don’t get enough credit

There's Superman and then there are those who don't really get the spotlight, like the people who rescued a man near Christina Lake.

OUR VIEW APRIL 17: Bylaw changes good for Grand Forks

The City of Grand Forks will have a bylaw enforcement officer come July and that's a good thing.

OUR VIEW APRIL 10: City right to get rid of grant-in-aid policy

The City of Grand Forks is doing the right thing in rescinding its grant-in-aid policy.

OUR VIEW MARCH 27: Let dogs be dogs

The section of the RDKB Animal Control Bylaw No. 1511 classifying pit bulls as dangerous isn't the only part that needs re-wording.

OUR VIEW MARCH 20: No substitute for real books

Grand Forks Secondary School is purchasing 91 ebooks but not everyone will have access to them.

OUR VIEW MARCH 13: Don’t profile pit bulls

While the RDKB has classified pit bulls as vicious dogs in proposed animal control legislation, that shouldn't be the case.

OUR VIEW MARCH 6: Re-implementation of PST a headache

Many say the BC Liberals lied about introducing the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) back when Gordon Campbell was leading the party.

OUR VIEW FEB. 27: Why do you feel the need to bully kid?

Bullying victims can seek help and so can bullies. End the vicious circle.

OUR VIEW FEB. 20: Time to create boat rules

The thoughts in a recent letter to the editor are worth serious consideraton by people in the Christina Lake watershed.

OUR VIEW FEB. 13: Go out and cheer the Grand Forks Border Bruins in their final game

The Grand Forks Border Bruins play their final game Sunday and what better way to send them off then by packing the house?