Teresa Rezansoff

IN THE SPOTLIGHT JUNE 19: School District 51 in transition from 2012/13 to 2013/14

With the retirements of Superintendent Michael Strukoff and director of instruction Maxine Ruzicka, SD51 is in transition.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT MAY 8 I: Education is of the utmost importance

All SD51 trustees are disappointed with the absence of public education as a topic in the recent provincial election leaders’ debate.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT MARCH 20: We value public education

With an election approaching, the BC School Trustess Association has begun an election campaign to raise the profile of public education.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT FEB. 6: SD51 decision on school coming next week

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, School District 51 (SD51) trustees will make a final decision on the question of a middle school for Grand Forks.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Dec. 19: School District 51 year in review for 2012

As I look back to Dec. 2011, I see four major items that took up the majority of the time for the SD51 board of trustees.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: School District 51 and its connections

I was reflecting on the work of SD51 and it occurred to me just how connected we all are in the task of educating our students.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Grad requirements to be discussed at Perley tonight

The Ministry of Education is asking communities to participate in a dialogue on graduation requirements.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Questions about District Design 2013, Part II

There were a lot of questions coming out of SD51's District Design 2013 forums. Here are more.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Questions about the District Design, Part I

School District 51 discusses questions about recent District Design 2013 forums.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Speak out about district re-design

The School District 51 board of education is seeking your advice and input on choices related to schools and education.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: From text books to Facebook, SD51 looking at social media

Language is changing with new words and phrases, "Just Google it," Tweet, Skype, being a few.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: On SD51 funding and funding protection

Trustees and boards of education across British Columbia have long advocated for increased funding to education.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The workings of SD51’s special education process

Here is a simple overview of how the special education process works in the Boundary school district (SD51).

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Video conferencing not killing the classroom

Video conferencing allows students in SD51 more course variety.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The unsung heroes and heroines of SD51

While students across School District 51 were enjoying their summers, the custodial, maintenance and technology staff were working away.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: As one journey ends, another begins

In spite of the seemingly endless winter and wet spring, time has…