Groups host Sustaining Our Headwaters Forum

The ONA and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) hosted the forum on April 19, at the Westbridge Community Hall.

Letter: Do you have historical photos?

we are seeking photographs to help with the accuracy of the [mural] project, writes Jane Bradley.

Letter: Public apologies are in order

I have been watching for any open visible apologies to Julia or taxpayers by council, the media or the city, writes Grady Markland.

Letter: Respect private properly when exploring

This site is Boundary heritage and hopefully one day it will be developed as an interpretive site—safe and informative with good memories.

Spring into new growth

Waxing Lyrical column by J. Kathleen Thompson, April 6 Grand Forks Gazette.

Letter: Expand and improve reuse facility

We are such an affluent and wasteful society, writes Rosemary Phillips.

Letter: Bear Day a reminder for us

The Granby population limps along at fewer than 40 bears, writes Dr. Brian Horejsi.

Call for Justice exhibit open at gallery

A Call for Justice— Fighting for Japanese Canadian Redress, was inspired by the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Redress agreement.

Letter: Stop pushing views, please

I want these people to stop coming on my property. I also want them to stop taking advantage of elderly people, writes Brian Norwood.

Letter: No proof of ownership

The issue revolves around rights of citizens to access Crown lands, writes Frank Schlichting.

Letter: Take deer collars off now!

Those with responsibility have one month’s grace to do the right thing, writes F. Duralia.

Students hold sock drive for Women’s Transition House

I hope the fundraiser not only benefited the Transition House but also created an awareness towards the horrific topic, writes Atkinson.

Letter: Grant will ‘rescue’ cabin

I would like to acknowledge the $500 grant-in-aid the Friends of the Bonanza Recreation Area (FBRA) recently received from Grace McGregor.

Letter: Military aggression has failed

Programs and lifestyles offering understanding, respect, honor and equality through non-violent diplomacy can and will bring peace.

Letter: No one would resent orphan children

This is not only a Canadian/humanitarian correct thing to do, but also politically correct thing to do, writes Donna Besler.

Letter: Let’s film future meetings

If so many people had such different experiences at this meeting, I would suggest that future meetings be filmed, writes Sarah Leslie.

Cupcake proceeds in support of two Syrian families

Students at Christina Lake Elementary held a fundraiser in support of Syrian families who are proposed to be relocated to Grand Forks.

World Day of Prayer held at USCC

The World Day of Prayer 2016 was held at the Grand Forks USCC Community Centre on Friday, March 4.

Letter: Report’s source unverified

The Gazette wasn't at the meeting about the senior's project, and neither was the “report’s” author in attendance, writes George Paisley.

Letter: Some residents misguided

Area C Director Grace McGregor showed professional tolerance in responding to the hostile misguided members of the community.