BYELECTION 2016: Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is a candidate in the City of Grand Forks 2016 byelection.

BYELECTION 2016: Bev Tripp

Bev Tripp is a candidate in the City of Grand Forks 2016 byelection.

BYELECTION 2016: Kyle PIper

Kyle Piper is a candidate in the City of Grand Forks 2016 byelection.

BYELECTION 2016: Zak Eburne-Stoodley

Zak Eburne-Stoodley is a candidate in the City of Grand Forks 2016 byelection.

Transitional Training Class donates bat house to park

The class is donating a bat house to the City of Grand Forks to install in City Park.

From magic to music effortlessly

Nathan Vogel, a young man Gran forks is proud to call its own.

Letter: Public should have been consulted first

It is past time for the council and the mayor to realize that the money they are using so freely is not theirs, writes Lynne Petersen.

Letter: Do we want more of the same?

Through the bylaws they voted on and enforced, they helped create a fractured community, writes Jack Koochin.

Letter: Respect important wildlife areas

Interfor—please listen to the better angles of your corporate board nature and respect important wildlife areas, writes Barry Brandow.

Letter: Golf club challenges others to donate

The Windermere Valley Men’s Club is challenging men’s and women’s golf clubs across B.C. and Alberta, writes Dean Midyette.

Border Bruins re-sign coach

The team has reached a multi-year agreement with head coach and general manager Emery Olauson.

The Kettle River – How high for how long?

Kettle River Q&A column by Jennifer Mace, May 4 Grand Forks Gazette.

Letter: City could use a running track

I am just curious at this point and would love to see and hear other people’s views on this subject., writes Nipper Kettle.

Letter: Phoenix site dangerous, shouldn’t be explored

Mr. Schlichting has no valid reason to be there and has been advised not to trespass on lands within the boundary, writes Ellen Clements.

Masonic Lodge hosts official visit

Masons of Boundary District No 7 recently hosted the official visit in Grand Forks of Most Worshipful Brother Douglas C. Collins.

Telus brings fibre optics to town

Telus is investing $8 million to connect Grand Forks homes and businesses directly to advanced fibre optic network.

Letter: Map doesn’t show what New Nadina owns

It's a map that shows land that has been titled in the past. The map shows parcels and lots that are surface titled, Frank Schlichting.

Letter: What to do with pallet nails?

At least the piles were cleaned up before the roadside grass cutter flung the nails randomly and dangerously, writes Ed Matthews.

Letter: Volunteers deserve high praise

All of the Grand Forks Border Bruins board members deserve high praise, writes Peter Ritchie.

Spending has direct impact on children

Eye On Education column by School District 51 Secretary-Treasurer Jeanette Hanlon.