Amy Taylor

CREDIT CLINIC: What happens if you can’t make mortgage payments?

The possibility of missing mortgage payments is very stressful. The fear of foreclosure looms but what’s the reality? If you are worried you can’t keep up, it’s important to know the facts to see if there are ways to help yourself.

CREDIT CLINIC: Your rights when the repo man comes calling

Let’s say you buy a car for personal use and finance it through the dealership. You agree to put the car up as security. A few months down the line, you find you can’t keep up with the payments.

CREDIT CLINIC: The real cost of buy now, pay later

Elisa just graduated from university and needs a couch for her apartment. A nearby department store has a great offer: Buy now and don’t pay for one year!

CREDIT CLINIC: Protect your credit card security code

These days, many of us use a credit card to shop by internet or telephone.

Free workshop to help money management

Money. While it can’t buy you love, it does keep a roof over your head and food on the table and in today’s demanding world, it can sometimes be difficult to make the money that you do have work for you.

CREDIT CLINIC: Things to consider before taking a dip in the debt pool

Jake has three credit card debts totalling $20,000.  He can no longer…

CREDIT CLINIC: The 411 on pre-paid cards

Many cheque cashing outlets, stores and financial institutions now offer pre-paid MasterCard,…