Triple dribble action

Imagine having two sisters who are in all the same classes with you at school and on all the same sports teams.

Triplets Alexandra

Having a brother or sister close to your age can sometimes be a blessing and sometimes a curse.

You have someone to talk to you and hang out with possibly, but sibling rivalry can also be a strong force. Sure, some siblings get along fine and even if they quarrel as kids they become closer as they become adults.

Imagine having two sisters who are in all the same classes with you at school and on all the same sports teams. For the Henne triplets—Alexandra, Elizabeth and Victoria—that is their reality.

The trio live at Christina Lake with their parents and attend Grand Forks Secondary. They are tall, athletic and very competitive, mostly amongst themselves.

Telling them apart can be a real challenge for teachers, coaches and classmates.

“Some teachers can tell us apart but they get our names confused,” said Elizabeth. “It’s mostly me because I look like either Alexandra or Victoria. Last year we had all the same classes but that didn’t work out because we got into fights. This year I don’t have any classes with Alexandra and one with Victoria and they have a couple together.”

The triplets have managed to put their sibling differences apart to play on both the volleyball and basketball teams this year at GFSS. Most of the arguments, they say, come on the ride home.

“Our house can be pretty hectic on a bad day,” said Alexandra.

Victoria said she and her sisters try to work it out. She adds that they enjoy a lot of the same things.

“We like to play sports,” said Victoria. “We really like volleyball and basketball the most.”

The girls have played together on the same sports teams all their lives and are used to it. “It can be fun at times but it can also be frustrating,” said Alexandra. “They’re my sisters and they can be annoying at times. All sisters are annoying.”

“It’s okay,” said Elizabeth. “There is always someone on the team that you know but it’s also painful because you’re always in a rivalry to be the best.”

Elizabeth said the sisters all try to distinguish themselves because people assume they are all the same and have similar skills.

“You always want to try to top each other,” she added. “We all try to be better than the others.”

Victoria said she enjoys playing with her sisters because she always has a partner.

“You can encourage each other and practice together outside of school but it can be frustrating because you’re competing to be the best,” she said. “If one of your sisters mess up you feel like it gets reflected on yourself because you’re together. But I enjoy it mostly.”

Victoria also says that competing with her sisters helps them all improve.

“It helps you out and you can also help out your sister that way and encourage each other to be better,” she said.

The girls say that being together for road trips and away tournaments is good because you always have someone you know around.

“Sometimes we’ll share clothes but not too often,” said Alexandra. “We don’t like being seen as each other (looking alike) in each other’s clothes.”

The girls also enjoy biking, reading, watching TV, hanging out with friends and cooking.

“I do most of the baking,” said Alexandra.

“I work harder at school studies and we all like to read,” said Victoria. “We share books so that makes it much easier. Less books to buy.”

The triplets are playing on the GFSS senior team as Grade 9s and are enjoying the tougher competition.

“It’s going well,” said Elizabeth. “I’m meeting a lot of people and improving my skills and what I can do.”

“At first I thought it would be difficult and frustrating playing with older girls because I’m new at it, but I enjoy it because I’m learning more and I’m improving because I have to keep up with them.”

Alexandra also enjoys playing with seniors.

“They can help you with what you’re doing,” she said. “At first I didn’t think I would like it because I thought they would be off doing their own thing.”

The three are busy Wednesday playing with the senior team at game at J.L. Crowe in Trail. This weekend, the trio plays at a junior tournament at Boundary Central Secondary in Midway with the GFSS junior-aged players.

After basketball season ends, the sisters are looking at joining the Wolves girls rugby team.