Robb’s Ride set to kick off next weekend

On June 3, 4 and 5, approximately 250 cyclists will do their best to ride the official route planned by Robb and friends.

Robb’s Ride celebrates its 10th straight year the first weekend of June as it gears up to challenge road cyclists once again.

This international “training ride” has gained traction year after year for its intense distances and climbs for the serious cyclist. All road cycling abilities are welcome, but don’t expect anyone to wait for you unless you have made a pact with your closest friends!

On June 3, 4 and 5, approximately 250 cyclists will do their best to ride the official route planned by Robb and friends to push cyclists to a higher level of ability, stamina and grit. This year’s route starts with the traditional ride to the end of North Fork Road and back, finishing atop Hardy Mountain.

Saturday is the great test ground for the distance rider: 160 kilometres from Grand Forks through Bonaparte Lake and Republic is an epic loop for the strongest, most dedicated cyclists, affectionately known as “hammerheads” or “the A group.”

Perhaps not widely known is the underground group who are plotting alternate, less exhausting routes to Bonaparte Lake— the “touristas.”  We plan to show up, enjoy the view and the reputed great food at the Bonaparte Lodge, then shorten the way home!

The reward for Saturday’s gruelling ride is the wonderful borscht feast provided by the ladies of the USCC hall.

Sunday, being the traditional day of rest, is indeed that: a leisurely cycle along Highway 3 to Greenwood and back. Deadwood Junction will welcome us with special goodies and fantastic Greenwood water.

The ride starts from the USCC Community Hall parking lot at 12 p.m. on Friday, June 3. As a group, we proceed through town escorted by the RCMP and enjoy greetings offered by local citizens as they wave, clap, and generally urge us on. It is a wonderful feeling to be cheered on by friends and strangers alike as we ride as a large group through town.

The A, B and Tourista groups quickly form on the first hill. By the top of Snowball Hill at the 10-kilometre mark, a certain order is established. Riders of like ability and strength form groups, or pace lines, that help each rider preserve energy by reducing drag from the air. Friendships are built on shared experiences and a three-day ride is just the ticket.

The Grand Forks Cycling Club (GFCC) is a great supporter of this annual event. Many members take part, as do riders from all over the province. We all appreciate the amount of work that Robb and Mary Sebastien as well as many other members of the club put into bringing this amazing ride to Grand Forks.

Last year proceeds from Robb’s Ride  supported Grand forks Piranhas Swim Club, the Youth BMX club and sent 16 kids to Pines summer camp!

The ride has grown in popularity over the years and is a wonderful draw to the city of Grand Forks. Quiet roads and respectful drivers are very much appreciated by all cyclists.

Wave encouragement as we cycle through town just after noon on Friday, June 4. Watch for us on the road over the weekend and help us have a safe and enjoyable Robb’s Ride.

Ride contacts are Robb Sebastian at 250-442-8233 and Andrew McKinlay at 250-442-8993.