B.C. Pond Hockey Championship postponed

Weather hasn’t worked out in favour of this weekend’s Western Regional Pond Hockey Championships, has they’ve had to be rescheduled.

The tournament had to be postponed due to the warm weather and will now be held Feb. 4 to 6.

“Well the weather’s not done what we thought it would,” tournament series director John Reed says, adding that their priority is to put on a really good event.

With the temperature not set to go back into the minus range until Sunday, he says that it’s a matter of conserving the ice.

“The ice is actually great right now, but if we allow 120 games to be played on it, then it’s going to dissolve right the ground,” he says.

“We have about 14 inches of ice still up so the ice surface is great but what we need to do now is maintain it.”

He says that they currently have parts of the ice closed off.

“We’re asking that everybody stay off the ice until the signs are removed,” Reed says. “At which point we welcome everybody to come out and skate.”

Reed was out on the ice on Wednesday for an hour of hockey.

“The ice was pliable but it was still really, really solid,” he says. “So now it’s just one of those things.”

Reed says it’s hard to say what Mother Nature’s going to do, but their top priority is to put on a really good event and so they had no choice but to reschedule.”

Winter Carnival in Rossland is still going on this weekend however.