BYELECTION 2016: Patrick O’Doherty

Patrick O'Doherty is a candidate in the City of Grand Forks 2016 byelection.

Patrick O'Doherty

I am running for council. I like living in Grand Forks. It’s time to celebrate its positives. I have the experience to bring a positive message to council.

It’s time to promote the quality of life in Grand Forks. To the residents and citizens who need Boundary Hospital, let’s fix the road and complete the sidewalks. Let’s finish the downtown. Let’s complete Third Street and 72nd Avenue beautification projects. Let’s reduce the cost of camping in City Park.

We have a new radio station. Let’s encourage them to become more Grand Forks centered. Let’s get Donaldson Park more involved in availability. I support CannaFest and the GFI.

Let’s get a sidewalk program that includes the area around Silver Kettle and the Learning Garden.

As a plumber, it’s time to upgrade water and sewer infrastructure. Let’s simplify the city bill.

If you like these ideas I would like your vote. I am always available. I am always downtown and would enjoy talking about Grand Forks.