Rollling Stones still one of, but not the best

I must say that I’m disappointed that Satisfaction/The International Rolling Stones Show won’t be coming to Grand Forks as originally planned.

Sure it isn’t the real thing but anything that closely resembles Mick, Keith and co. can’t be that bad as the Rolling Stones are widely regarded as a great live act.

I saw the Stones during their ’94 Voodoo Lounge stop in

Vancouver and while it was my first of many concert-going

experiences, it still resonates as one of the best performances I’ve seen.

People will say that the Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands ever but determining which is the “greatest of all time” is subjective and personally, I would lean more towards Led Zeppelin.

Still there is no doubting their talent and staying power.

They were voted as the fourth best in the 100 greatest artists of all time in the magazine that has a similar name to the band, Rolling Stone.

Everybody, or a large percentage of people, probably can discern the song Satisfaction merely from hearing the opening guitar intro and speaking of the music, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash and numerous other Stones songs are all staples of rock radio.

Their music has been used in numerous commercials and has graced a number of movies, including a number of classic Martin Scorsese flicks, such as Goodfellas, The Departed, Casino and the rock documentary about the band, Shine a Light.

They are estimated to have sold over 200 million albums the world over and their longevity has only added to the number of platinum-selling records – their last album of original material A Bigger Bang came out in 2005, which was met with much acclaim and also went platinum.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been parodied quite a bit and while some can see that as a sign of disrespect, you usually have to be a big star to receive that sort of treatment.

Some are speculating that a new CD will be out sometime this year and it’s a safe bet that when it does hit the streets, the Rolling Stones will have another big-seller on their hands and none of their tour stops will have to be cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.

– Karl Yu is Associate Editor for the Grand Forks Gazette