LETTERS: Seniors should be aware of campanies

It’s been a hard year for my parents.


It’s been a hard year for my parents.

They lost their house to a fire last May and the insurance adjuster promised that the new home would be finished Oct. 1.

NC Restoration from Trail came in with a bid of  $145,000, which was $55,000 less than the other bids.

The adjuster recommended this contractor, without giving local contractors a chance to bid and it was evident in a few weeks this contractor was not experienced at building a home – a big mistake for this senior couple.

You buy insurance so you can have a home and contents replaced.

It is coming up to one year since they lost their home and they have a new unfinished home that they moved into Dec. 23.

It needs three sets of stairs and railings to all three doors, a tub shower enclosure put on, porches need finishing, the dryer needs to be vented outside, gutters must be added, the front yard groomed, a cement patio and trees and flowers replaced.

The outside water system must be installed and much more.

Every step of the way has been a fight.

On March 7, the electrician came and installed the fire alarm. Yes they lived in the house for three months with no fire alarm. Construction is at a standstill and the contractor may have run out of money to finish the job.

This senior couple is feeling they’re the next seniors to be ripped off.

My parents have bad knees, Dad is 83 with a bad back and a walking device; can you imagine that they have not built stairs or railings?

All my folks want is a finished home and a fair deal on contents, it’s not right that they have to fight and face all this stress each day. They did their part by buying replacement insurance.

You be the judge which insurance company and contractor you use.

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Juanita Bannert,

Grand Forks