LETTER: Watch out for cyclists


Just to let ALL drivers know, bicycles are not legally allowed on the sidewalk; our wheels are to be on the roadway.

If you come up behind a cyclist please give them some space and respect.

On corners you the driver must stay behind the cyclist until it is safe for everyone before you pass!

The right hand side of the local streets are in terrible shape – potholes, crumbling pavement – yet the city seems to think our tires were made for that type of disrepair.

I will use the centre of the right hand lane to ride in if in disrepair.

I am NOT a second-class citizen making myself a target for vehicles.  I ride all year-round as I want to save this planet and as I intend to be and am a part of the solution, not the problem. Fossil fuel pollution, wear and tear on the road surfaces, speeding and general disregard for the safety of others. I know the rules, do you?

Janna Perry, Grand Forks