LETTER: The difference between government workers

I write in response to an editorial in the Grand Forks Gazette stating that Canada Post workers have the right to strike.


Re: Postal workers have the right to strike (June 8 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

I write in response to your editorial of June 8 stating that postal workers have the right to strike.

They may have the right to do so; however, as employees of the government, they must remember that it is not the government that pays their, or any other government employees, wages.

The government has no money, except the money it takes from the private citizens that produce something of value – things such as lumber or minerals taken from the ground, which can be turned into many useful things.

The difference between government employees and the private sector is the private must make a profit to survive, as well as pay an enormous amount of tax that government wastes by the billions and it always asks for more.

Government has no right to be an employer and prevent competition on any and all services.

Vern Rexin, Rock Creek