LETTER: Telus’ price increases


Like everyone who recently got their Telus bill, I was dismayed to find that the Internet price had been raised (even if it was $2 it’s the point of the matter) and that you can contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) in Ottawa to file a complaint with them.

This morning I received a reply from the CCTS informing me that my “complaint falls within the scope of our mandate and will be processed in accordance with the Procedural Code.”

If enough people act upon this, we may be able to turn around Telus’ increase and put them in their place by honoring previous agreements they made with their customers.

The more complaints, the better chance we have in quashing Telus’ bogus increase to customers that they promised would remain as is.

A number of months ago, I was having all sorts of Internet problems (very slow speed, signal drops) and had enough of Telus’ service. I called to voice my displeasure and was told by their rep, who I spoke with, that they would drop my Internet price and it would remain that same price for “as long as I remained with Telus for Internet service.”

I asked to verify “No increase?” and was told no increase – basically they lied to me.

Current Telus profits: 11 Feb. 2011 … Data revenues increased by $37 million or 6.7 per cent – and this isn’t with the recent increase!

If Telus is able to get away with this (this time) who’s to say they’ll do it again and again and again?

Do your part and voice your complaints at www.ccts-cprst.ca/complaints.

Don Ball, Trail