LETTER: Take part in democracy Nov. 19

Please remember to vote Nov. 19 – that’s the only way democracy works.


I am a lifelong resident of Grand Forks and have been an active volunteer for as long as I can remember.

I’ve spent countless hours donating my sound equipment and skills to help create the concerts, plays and events that bring joy to the community.

I am committed to our beautiful city. Now I want to take this passion and love to the next level.

With your support I want to serve on city council and do my all to keep us on a steady track of prosperity.

As a lifelong resident and supporter of the arts, I am in touch with the community and as an employee of a local business and owner of my own small business I can relate to the needs of the business community

There are three main issues in this year’s election:

1) Our aging infrastructure

2) The decline of business and morale in our center core, which should be the vibrant heart

3) Dear oh dear all those deer

I will do everything in my power to work with residents to make their dreams into our reality. My motivation is sincere; I have no ties to special-interest groups and will truly work for the community as a whole.

I am a team player all the way and understand council MUST work together.

If you give me a chance and elect me city councillor, I will work hard to continue earning your trust. I’ll make sure that everything facing the new council is dealt with in a timely and democratic fashion.

Together, we can do it!

Please remember to vote Nov. 19 – that’s the only way democracy works.

Zak Eburne Stoodley, Grand Forks

Editor’s note: We will be imposing a moratorium on any letter from candidates between Nov. 9 and 16. One letter per candidate.