LETTER: Suggestions for the Grand Forks Gazette


Congratulations to all who produce Route 3!

Hopefully, the well-deserved Ma Murray Gold will ensure this beautiful showcase for the Kootenay-Boundary will flourish for years to come.

Also as a long-time fan of The Gazette, I’m aware of its own prolific medal-winning ways, now somewhat in the past. Could closer attention to this community bring back those glory days?

Last week’s issue brought this to mind, with obituaries for well-known residents, including local icons Yasushi Sugimoto and Ben Hove.

Along with Jack Goddard, “Sugi” was one of our greatest mayors ever.

It seems his passing warranted some editorial mention.

Perhaps The Gazette might consider re-instating weekly features, popular in the past, acquainting readers both with long-time locals and with newly arrived ones, building a bond between all residents.

Years ago, when there was less mobility and “everyone knew everyone,” this cozy, community feeling was taken for granted.

Today, with increased population turnover (including Gazette staff), the depth of community relations is affected.

Community spirit is still important, however. Besides, we now have many ways to hear about world events, but where else can we learn about our hometown if not in our local newspaper?

On a related topic: George Manson needlessly chides The Gazette for a “front-page love-in” with Alex Atamanenko – it was a perfectly appropriate piece of journalism, about one of the hardest-working, most popular MPs we’ve ever had, who was also part of a historic NDP surge nation-wide.

Mr. Manson should check the facts. Defeat of the Harper minority was a direct result of its unprecedented contempt of Parliament. Had it been able to keep its noses clean and willing to serve the true interests of Canadians by working with the majority of MPs, the election could’ve been avoided.

As for its present “majority” (representing 39 per cent of those who voted and only 24 per cent of the Canadian electorate), it’s yet to be seen whether the Harper government will be “running” the country or ruining it.

Roy Ronaghan’s partial list on the same page shows the potential for disaster.

Jim Popoff, Grand Forks