Letter: Stop believing in hidden agenda

We elected this council to represent us to the best of their abilities—please give them a chance to do the jobs they've been hired to do.

It seems rather ignorant to blame an employee for the contractual terms of his hiring or termination by the employer.

We have a new council that was recently elected to govern by a majority of Grand Forks taxpayers. This is how our existing democracy operates.

This elected vouncil then makes informed decisions on our behalf, with the skilled research and assistance of vity staff members and a CAO. This is required of all cities in B.C. to run their business.

Each elected mayor and vouncil then have an opportunity to appoint or terminate their choice of CAO and negotiate the terms of the contract, this is the mayor and council’s responsibility to their electorate.

Appointed by council, the CAO is council’s staff liaison, providing advice and recommendations with regard to policies, as well as ensuring that policies, directives and other decisions of council are carried out.

If I don’t like a decision that my council makes it’s okay for me to respectfully let them know that I disagree with their decision …and/or I can wait four years and hope to vote in someone who is more aligned to my personal values.

What is not okay is to personally attack the individual employee who was legally and democratically terminated or appointed by the elected council.

Bullying, personal attacks, innuendo and intimidation, when used as a means to circumvent the democratic process, is a self-serving tyranny originating in righteousness. It means that I believe that my opinions matter more than those of my democratically elected representatives.

A democracy is defined by the majority of the people. If my personal opinions do not match the majority opinion of the representatives elected by the majority of the taxpayers I need to accept that my opinion is simply out of step with the majority.

To continually disagree with the actions of my elected representatives reminds me of the proud mother watching her son as he marched along with his Boy Scouts troop saying, “Oh look, everyone’s out of step except my son George!”

We need to stop the conspiracy theories, stop believing that there’s a hidden agenda, stop believing that my neighbours are out to cheat me—and start acting like responsible and respectful adults.

We elected this council to represent us to the best of their abilities—please give them a chance to do the jobs they’ve been hired to do.

Peter Matheson, Grand Forks