Letter – Stolen scooter just one of many thefts

Letter to the editor from the June 11, 2014 Grand Forks Gazette.

Editor, The Gazette:

A few weeks ago, someone cut through the chain link fence of a locked compound in Grand Forks and stole my electric scooter ($2,000 value). Due to a disability, I am not able to drive, so not only did they steal my scooter, they stole my way of getting to work.

A few years ago I had my bicycle stolen from the A&W bike rack (locked up), and last year I had my camera stolen and later sold back to me!

These thieves don’t work, they make a living from selling other people’s things that they steal. I know several people who have had things stolen, just look in the paper every week. It’s a sad state of affairs when a locked compound isn’t good enough, we need motion lights and alarms to protect what we have worked for.

Please be aware and phone the police if you witness any suspicious activity or if you have any information about stolen items.

Dave Jackson,

Grand Forks