Letter: Stephen Harper’s plan


Re: Roy Ronaghan’s column, Who really holds the “power?” (Jan. 12 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

The opinion of Roy Ronaghan in his column in the Jan. 12 edition of the Grand Forks Gazette – regarding BC Hydro and the government’s gradual dismantling of this Crown corporation – is only the tip of the iceberg for what Canadians will experience if Harper gets his way.

He, along with provincial governments and the big business leaders, have been negotiating a “free” trade deal with the European Union (CETA for short) behind the backs of Canadians, as usual.

This deal will quickly dismantle all the social programs and public utilities in Canada, from federal to municipal, that Canadian taxpayers have spent 100 years working to initiate.

These programs and utilities will be deregulated and privatized for profit businesses.

It would allow foreign governments and businesses to bid on contracts, presumably before bringing their own workers here (at lower wages), taking jobs away from Canadians.

They would be able to sue the government if they didn’t get a contract they felt they should, and if they won, our taxes would pay. In a special edition newsletter in December, Alex Atamanenko outlined the threats to Canada: our public services, mail service, local job creation, water, health care, education, food sovereignty, cultural and communication sovereignty, labour rights, and democratic rights.

In other words, we citizens would have no control over any part of our society!

Harper wants this signed before there is any chance for debate – even by the House.

He has NO mandate to dismantle this country!

NO Prime Minister has a mandate to dismantle what its citizens have worked and fought for with their sweat, tears and the votes of


Further, any legitimacy is afforded a government when it is seen to protect its citizens, which this deal will certainly not.

This deal must be fought by every Canadian who wishes to maintain any semblance of freedom and democracy, or the country will have to begin again from its roots to obtain all that we now old dear. Wake up, Canada. Make your voice heard!

Donna Fildey, Grand Forks