Letter: Silence is not always golden

We were privileged to attend the documentary film This Changes Everything, writes Peter Brown.

On Thursday, Jan. 7, we were privileged to attend the documentary film This Changes Everything based on Naomi Klein’s international research. Her conclusion is that unlimited economic growth is not sustainable for our planet, neither from economic, social or environmental points of view.

Although from an economist’s perspective this may be essential ot our ongoing financial success, it is not possible in a finite world.

A discussion period was held after the film, mostly about some local concerns which are very important. However, some of these concerns will mean very little if the unlimited growth and corporate project model of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Canadian-European Trade Agreement (CETA) are passed into law. If these agreements are ratified, truly, “this changes everything.”

I encourage your readers to familiarize themselves with the impacts that these trade agreements will have on us, as Canadians in particular, but also as world citizens and also encourage your readers to make their opinions known to the prime minister, the minister of international trade and our local MP, Richard Cannings. Silence in this case is not “golden.”

Finally a big “thumbs up” to those who brought this film to the GEM Theatre.

– Peter Brown, Grand Forks