LETTER: Showing limits of technology

A strange and interesting phenomenon is pervading in the city.


A strange and interesting phenomenon is pervading in the  city.

While Teresa Rezansoff and her school board are crowding aboard and cheering wildly from the technology band wagon, parents in the district are seeking out and using some of their hard-earned cash to pay good local teachers to instruct their children in music, theatre, skating, skiing, art, dance and drama.

Don’t these parents know that there are instructional DVDs for all these pastimes, that the kids can learn the moves online? Of course they do!

They also know the limits of technology.

More remarkable still, some of the guru’s of technology in California have taken this balancing act between techno learning and education one step farther. Seems that their kids attend a school in Los Altos that has no computers at all!

You read that right. None. What gurus? The chief technology officer of eBay, employees of Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. Seriously!

So why is the board of SD51 so mesmerized by technology? At what cost to our kids?

What better time to have the discussion of the role and control of technology in our schools than now when we are electing a new board. When is enough technology enough?

Robert Chornenki, Grand Forks