Letter: SD51 pop quiz


There’s been a lot of news about elections lately and it got me thinking about our school board elections on Nov. 19.

We all know that an informed voter is the basis for democracy, so I have made up a short quiz to test your basic knowledge of the local school board and its workings.

All the answers may be found on the school district website, http://www.sd51.bc.ca except financial information which may be found in the School District Statement of Financial Information (SOFI), available on request from the district office.

I will publish the answers in a future issue of the Gazette and you can rate your preparedness for casting a truly informed vote.

1) Who is the head of the school board?

a. John Malloff

b. Michael Strukoff

c. Teresa Rezansoff


2) How many trustees make up the board?

a. 5

b. 8

c. 7


3) What is the trustees’ term of office?

a. 4 years

b. 3 years

c. 2 years


4) Who represents Beaverdell on the board?

a. Cindy Strukoff

b. Sally Garcelon

c. Vicky Gee


5) Who is responsible for giving direction to the district superintendent?

a. Ministry of Education

b. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

c. The Board of Trustees


6) Who is the principal of Big White School?

a. Kris Sabourin

b. Maxine Ruzicka

b. Jeanette Hanlon


7) How many trustees positions are up for election?

a. 7

b. 4

c. 8


8)  Who is the Secretary-Treasurer of the School District?

a. Sally Garcelon

b. Jeanette Hanlon

c. Cathy Riddle


9) What is the combined salary of the principal and two vice-principals at GFSS?

a. $180,000.00

b. $240,000.00

c. $300.000.00


10) How much does it cost (approximately) to run the school board office this  year?

a. $1,050,000.00

b. $840,000.00

c. $499,000.00

Check back later for the answers and the next quiz, which will look at the school board policies, The School Act, board meetings and more financials.

Laddie Rich, Grand Forks