LETTER: Saying no to Smart meters

Smart meters (wireless variety) emit pulses in a range similar to human brain, heart and neural bio-rates.


Smart meters (wireless variety) emit pulses in a range similar to human brain, heart and neural bio-rates.

Some people become very ill immediately while others are injured over long-term.

There are legal, medical and insurance injury, harms and risks reported from Smart meter installed communities.

The wireless low-radio pulse devices cause irritation, sleeplessness, dizziness, confusion, heart tremor, brain, neural and heart pulse-function cellular interference injury, from over-exposure and no ability to rest from it.

Medical, remote and wireless radio devices can be affected.

Those injured by exposure cannot afford to prove in a court persistent cross-exposure and cellular exhaustion and can’t get insurance in most cases.

More importantly citizens cannot stop the emission-pulses into their home and known and unknown multiplied cross-pulsing effects from many growing wireless emissions from other homes.

Injured is the quiet enjoyment of the home, which ought to be able to turn technology on or off as needed for restful place for cellular quiet, calm or healing, most especially at night.

I love technology, I also know I can choose when or how to escape (as much as is possible) to rest.

There are lower-risk, more cost-effective options such as old system until more is known or injury covered by insurance or cost of removal by borne by power company or new metering safer options, e.g. fibre optics, to name two options. No thanks to Smart meters.

This is my concern as a mother and my opinion about this as a concerned citizen. It’s imperative this fast advancing technological day-and-age to make sure electro-pollution doesn’t short circuit the human cells, brain and nerves! Especially in privacy of home, which is for rest or healing. The ability to turn off “technology” is not allowed by Smart meters and that in my view among other things, is legally, medical and health dangerous.

As it should be do your own research and draw your own fully informed conclusions. For a template letter of non-consent to those with medical and insurance risk concerns.

Marilyn Idle, Christina Lake