Letter: Sad to hear of assault

Social interaction is so important for every one’s mental health, says writer Harold Funk

It’s sad what happened to the senior who was assaulted with a baseball bat. He was the victim of a fellow with mental/emotional problems. We read about some major crimes that are in the headlines, all seeming to and claiming to have mental health problems.

There seems to be a lack of a sense of community, which allows people to share their concerns with one another. If I criticize you about something, or make a suggestion, it isn’t a put-down, it’s merely trying to be helpful.

We, our government, needs to set up programs that instead of criminalizing people, help them to sort out their problems. Yes this would cost a lot but it would be a lot less expensive than prison. It would help individuals to sort out their problems and avoid loss of control of their minds.

Social interaction is so important for every one’s mental health. That’s what a lot of loners out there need. It would make for a healthier and friendlier community.

Harold Funk, Social Concerns (Chair), Boundary Area Retired Teachers Association