Letter: Report’s source unverified

The Gazette wasn't at the meeting about the senior's project, and neither was the “report’s” author in attendance, writes George Paisley.

The Gazette’s lead article “Senior’s project riles Lake residents” in the Feb. 24, 2016 issue quotes segments from a 35-page “report” by Jonathan Oldroyd whose position is against the Christina Lake Senior Housing Society applying to RDKB for a rezoning of one hectare of community park land.

The Gazette has used this “report” several times to support the claim that the majority of the attendees were against supporting the volunteer efforts to provide Christina Lake’s residents with affordable housing for senior citizens. Rather than attending the meeting yourself, how can you verify the “report’s” conclusions? You weren’t there and neither was the “report’s” author in attendance yet you have devoted a very large percentage of your front-page coverage to an unverifiable source. This is a wonderful example of poor journalism.

My wife and I did attend the meeting and we felt the numbers of “pro” and “anti” were similar. We also thought that the meeting was well controlled by Grace McGregor in that she would allow neither individuals nor groups to hijack the meeting.

– George Caisley, Christina Lake