Letter: Questions for NDP


As many will recall, the NDP sent out a cartoonish flyer last fall discussing CETA.

Much discussion ensued and recently our current MP spent time criticizing local constituents and the local media about the situation. In a letter in the West Kootenay Advertiser on Jan. 13, our MP criticized a constituent suggesting he become more informed about CETA.

My question is, “How can constituents become more informed when our current MP doesn’t even understand CETA?” For example, the mailer claimed, “CETA threatens our water.”

This old scare first arose when NAFTA came in. Nothing negative regarding water has happened under NAFTA because the claim was false to begin with, just like this one.

The mailer further claimed that, “CETA threatens our public health care.”

This claim also first arose with NAFTA. It argued we would be forced into an American-style health care system. Not only has it not happened but the U.S. is now struggling to move towards a system more like ours.

In the same letter, our MP expressed discontent with the media. Our MP asked, “Why isn’t there any mention in the mainstream press in regards to the points about CETA?”

It seems the answer is because the mainstream media may recognize the cartoonish presentation in the CETA flyer as one of the NDP’s commonly used NDP scare tactics.

At best, our current MP seems ill-informed on CETA and should take the time to become informed.

Then he would be better able to have a reasonable discussion with constituents. I have read up on CETA and I am ready to have this “informed discussion” with our MP in any public forum in the riding and respond to all the comic book claims.

We need an MP who works in a constructive manner instead of sending out a constant stream of negativity. If our current MP is not prepared to do this, he should be replaced.

Stephen Hill,

Conservative Candidate

B.C. Southern Interior